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What is schizophrenia?

Phobias are intense, unrealistic, and persistent fears related to situations or objects.

Schizophrenia is a highly severe and long-term mental health condition that results in individuals diagnosed with the disorder experiencing various psychological symptoms. Schizophrenia is a severe chronic brain disorder that thankfully affects less than 1 percent of the American population. Individuals who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia can experience symptoms when activated, such as:

However, with the proper treatment for the individual, the majority of symptoms that are a direct result of schizophrenia will significantly improve, with the likelihood of recurrence being almost diminished. The fantastic care team here at Park Mental Health San Diego will always sit down with you and learn everything about your unique circumstance before setting out any treatment options.

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About one in every two hundred Americans develops schizoaffective disorder at some time during his or her life.

Severe symptoms of schizophrenia

As stated above, schizophrenia has a variety of symptoms; however, there are always specific symptoms that loved ones should be on the lookout for. These can include:

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Delusions can quickly become a dangerous precedent. They are false beliefs that are not based on anything within reality. Individuals who experience delusions can believe they are being chased or stalked by the government. They will take a facial gesture or a comment and think it means something completely different. The majority of people that have schizophrenia will experience delusions. 

Disorganized thinking and speech:

Clear, effective communication can become completely impaired. While it is rare, disorganizing address can include placing random words together to create a meaningless sentence, otherwise known as word salad. 

Negative symptoms:

This is referred to individuals who lack the ability to function normally on a day-to-day basis. Individuals may begin to neglect their completely lose interest in everyday activities and socially withdraw. 


Individuals who experience hallucinations will begin hearing and possibly seeing objects or people that simply do not exist. However, the individual experimenting with schizophrenia solely believes what they are seeing and hearing is what everyone else is experiencing.

Abnormal motor behavior:

This specific sign can be seen in several ways, from unpredictable agitation, resistance to instructions, childlike movement, bizarre posture, or complete lack of response to others. 

Signs and symptoms of schizophrenia

Individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia can experience a range of signs and symptoms; no two ever share the same. Schizophrenia slowly changes the way a person thinks and behaves. The first signs and symptoms can be hard to identify due to the slow nature of the condition. 


Many individuals suffer from a range of behavioral, thinking, and emotional problems. With each diagnosis, the signs and symptoms will vary depending on a variety of factors; however, the majority of cases will involve:

Mental signs and symptoms to look out for:


Hearing voices

Confused thoughts

Lack of concentration





Physical signs and symptoms to look out for

Changes in behavior

Losing interest in life

No motivation

Socially withdrawn

Changing in sleeping

Suspicious of people

Complications of schizophrenia

Unfortunately, individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders are overrepresented within the homeless community. This statistic, unfortunately, leads individuals to experience substance or drug abuse further. Substance abuse is heavily linked to poor outcomes in an individual’s recovery. With further complications of the individuals increased likelihood of trauma, suicide, and developing additions mental illness. 


If schizophrenia is left untreated, long-term illnesses will negatively affect every area of the individual’s life. Additional complications that schizophrenia can cause or be associated with if left untreated can include:

Being victimized

Individuals who experience schizophrenia have a 23.2% decrease chance of being protected by the public if attacked or robbed. If experienced individuals will often lack any meaningful daily activities through fear of being hurt. This will only worsen their condition which will further lead to severe complications.

Social isolation

Individuals who experience symptoms of schizophrenia will often begin withdrawing from social events; this can be friends, family, partners, and work colleagues. Individuals can isolate themselves in their homes, most commonly in one room that they feel most comfortable in. Once social isolation becomes a common trait, the likelihood of hallucinations and fears increases.

Medical problems

Schizophrenia is an already severe mental illness with severe repercussions if left without medical intervention. Due to individuals already isolating themselves from everyone, their risk of other mental health disorders increases along with a high chance of physical injury or complications.

Inability to work

The combination of social isolation will quickly lead to the individuals becoming unable to work, which subsequently leads to financial problems, depression, anxiety, and homelessness. If the individual does not seek help, they will quickly see their lives negatively unravel, leading to suicidal attempts.

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HALT recovery
Different Types of Anxiety

There is, unfortunately, no way to prevent schizophrenia from developing; however, by adhering to a bespoke treatment plan specifically designed for you, the likelihood of symptoms worsening or individuals relapsing decreases significantly. 

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Types of music therapy
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Take the first step towards feeling like you again

Individuals who have schizophrenia day-to-day life challenges stem from their mental health illness. Additionally, they are often under the assumption they do not have a mental health disorder or need any medical assistance.


If you find that your or a loved one’s schizophrenia symptoms have become so severe that it has begun to hinder their day-to-day life, we would advise you to seek medical help for them immediately. 


Overcoming schizophrenia can be a complicated process, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the correct treatment for your specific symptoms, experience, severity, and lifestyle, you can learn to manage your symptoms and live life the way you would like.


Treatment for schizophrenia will wholly depend on the severity of your symptoms and the underlying cause. Your psychiatrist may recommend medication, therapy, or a combination of the two.


Seeking help is the first and most challenging step. The psychiatrist here at Park will run you through a complete analysis so they can understand the severity of your symptoms, duration, content, and the impact it is having on your life currently. We need to know further if you are taking any medication, your medical history, and your family. 

If you have found yourself or a loved one experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of anxiety, please do get in contact with a member of our team to receive the care and help you need.

Selfcare tips for Schizophrenia

Practicing daily healthy habits that eventually become part of a typical pattern will lead to more effective outcomes regarding your mental health disorder. Creating a healthy routine that you know eases your symptoms when they get bad will help avoid any severe consequences. 


Below, we have recommended a few activities that immensely helped our past clients recover from schizophrenia. It is essential to understand that while you may always have to live with your mental illness, you do not have to let it control your life. 

Establishing a Routine To Form Healthy Habits
Therapy Treatment for Schizophrenia

Expert treatment for schizophrenia is entirely available through Park Mental Health San Deigo with the option of a combination treatment program. Our overall aim here at Park Mental Health is to help, care for and support your independence and improve your overall quality of life and mental wellbeing while actively working and recognizing you’re actively triggered. 


Various therapy treatment options can include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and family therapy.


Both of these therapy techniques will incorporate teaching the individual valuable life skill sets, which can be seen to include but is not limited to:

Schizophrenia is a complex disorder that affects each one of us differently, which is why we offer bespoke evidence-based approaches to help you develop skills effectively to aid you in breaking the negative cycles.

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Medication Options for Schizophrenia

During the acute phase of your schizophrenia disorder, you may often be given antipsychotic medication. These particular prescribed drugs often have a sedative quality which will help reduce the impact of your symptoms. Additionally, side effects can be reduced by reiterating the dosage and trialing a newer, less sedative drug.


Your medication professional will constantly monitor your dosage throughout your treatment at Park Mental Health. Working with the consultant, you will tailor the correct medication and dosage.


You may need a form of medication for a year or possibly linger after an acute phase which will significantly reduce the risk of relapse and aid you in managing the condition while lessening the impact on your day-to-day life.

Many people do not enjoy taking medication for their disorder and believe they have to hide; however, there is never any shame in taking medication to help cope with the symptoms of your schizophrenia.


Due to each experiencing unique symptoms, receiving the best results requires analyzing each person to the most effective medication. Our medical professionals at Park will constantly research and fine-tune; we treatment to ensure the individual response is at maximum effectiveness. 


To ensure you receive the best results, your progress must be measured periodically. This allows us to make informed decisions based on data regarding your treatment.

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Types of medication available for Schizophrenia

If you or a loved one has been experiencing schizophrenia symptoms, you must receive medical treatment as quickly as possible. There are two categories of antipsychotics, the first generation, which is referred to as the ‘conventional’ antipsychotics, which can include:














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Every diagnosis is different. That is why we provide a personal consultation with our clinical team to carefully build a treatment plan tailored to you.


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