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Unfortunately, many families unintentionally tear themselves apart due to ineffective communication, mental health issues, and addiction abuse. 


Less than 52% of families who desperately need family therapy can get access to a family therapist


More than 28% of referrals to family therapy is due to a traumatic experience such as a divorce, loss of a loved one


1 in 10 married people (9%) will attend family therapy within the first two years of their marriage

Understanding Family Therapy

Family therapy looks to help all family unit members effectively understand each other, permanently adopt any negative behaviors, patterns and resolve conflicts. Family therapy is appropriate for all ages, from children to adults. 

Families can be a complicated situation. Every one of us is unique; as we grow, we all have our own life experiences that change our perspective and outlook on how we view life. When you throw family dynamics into the mix, the unit can quickly become somewhat volatile, continuously escalating until effective communication is achieved. 

There are a variety of situations, circumstances, and life events that can increase stress and hostility within a family unit from:

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Types of Family Therapy available

There are a variety of family therapy styles available here at Park Mental Health. Depending on the severity of the family issues and the recommendation of our therapists will ultimately determine the type of therapy you may be offered. Below we have listed a few types that may be included:

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This type of therapy treatment centers on helping the family individual better understand mental health conditions in general and specific mental health illnesses present within the unit. When the family works together to understand mental health, the treatment options, medication, and self-help approach, the family becomes a unit and will begin flourishing as a cohesive support system.

Functional System Therapy:

A family-based intervention and prevention program specifically targeted high-risk youths who struggle with substance abuse, risky behavior, or violence. Functional system therapy will aid teenagers or young adults and families looking for identity solutions while building a base layer of respect and trust for each individual within the family unit.

Narrative Family Therapy:

This type of family therapy incorporates a method that will separate the family member from their problems. The therapist will allow each individual to tell their perspective of the story to understand how the experience is viewed in their eyes and relate that to other members in the family. This method encourages each individual to rely on their skills to minimize the problems within their lives. Individuals will begin to view their problems more objectively.

Family System Therapy:

This specific type of approach will focus on helping the family members utilize the strengths of their relationship to overcome any form of mental health issues that they may be struggling with.

Supportive Family Therapy:

Supportive family therapy will focus heavily on creating a safe environment in which any and all family members can openly express how they are feeling and think and receive practical support from their family members.

Tips for Successful Family Therapy

Family relationships are complex and can often be responsible for life’s most significant conflicts, which can, unfortunately, last for decades, completely tearing a family apart. Many families have to deal with constantly looming arguments, bitterness, and unresolved resentment. However, there is a way to work through this. Below we have listed a range of activities that can help you and your family successfully navigate your way through your treatment. 

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Additional Therapy Treatment is available

Here at Park Mental Health in San Diego, we have a range of therapy treatments available to suit you and your family’s specific needs.

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Mental health disorders and addiction can take their toll on your mental, physical and emotional health. If left untreated, it can leave you feeling helpless, as if you have fallen into a black hole in which there is no return. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The medical professionals here at Park San Diego have decades of research and evidenced-based treatments to specifically create each and every one person a treatment plan to fit your needs.


Admitting to yourself that you need help and actively going out of your way to get yourself help is the hardest part of your journey. Once you have contacted a member of our team, you will never again be alone in your journey to recovery. Alongside your loved ones, you will have either a therapist or a psychiatrist by your side every step of the way. Besides emotionally supporting you when you find the treatment challenging, they will continually assess your progress to ensure that your treatment does not need altering to ensure that you receive the most effective treatment.


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Read through our previous patient’s reviews of their treatment plans and experience at Park Mental Health Treatment San Diego to empower you to make the change.

My son was suffering from severe depression and was seeking professional medical help. Park Mental Health have been amazing from the offset. The level of care and support has been amazing and we have seen massive strides in his mental health and coping mechanisms. We cannot thank you enough and would recommend to anyone in the San Diego area suffering from mental health.
-Charlotte Webb
Last month was the worst my mental state has been in for many many years. As I was new to the area, I wasn't sure on where to go or who to turn to. I found Park Mental Health online and I can honestly say you've saved my life. A huge thank you to everyone on the team. Great service.
-David Stoneham
I was diagnosed with bipolar around 10 years ago and since then have seen various mental health practices and professionals up and down the state promising to help get my life back on track. After the first session, it was evident the treatment of care at Park is one of a kind. They have worked alongside me to improve my quality of life and taught me valuable life skills so regain some normality in my life once again. Thank you so much.
-Steve Watts

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