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Top-quality, compassionate, and evidence-based primary mental health treatment for mood disorders (anxiety, depression, bi-polar), thought disorders (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder), and co-occurring disorders.

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Mental Health Disorders We Treat

At Park Mental Health Treatment of San Diego, our expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinicians offer a variety of evidence-based practices to create comprehensive, individualized treatment plans to help our clients return to, or create, productive, happy and healthy lives. We are LGBTQIA2+ affirming and we offer treatment services for clients who may be suffering from:

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An estimated 1 in 4 adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

Mental Health Treatment

At Park Mental Health Treatment of San Diego, we care for clients by having a phenomenal clinical team and creating a safe, contained environment with the goal of helping them breakthrough their struggles and achieve a productive, healthier life. Park Mental Health Treatment San Diego integrates primary mental health treatment with a transitional care model, helping clients learn to utilize coping strategies in real world application. Clients are encouraged to strengthen connections to family and community while engaging in employment and/or scholastics. Service components we utilize to help clients set a healthy foundation include:

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Therapy Modalities

Research has proven an intense correlation between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Here at Park Mental Health Treatment of San Diego, your therapist will use evidence based, clinically proven therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Trauma Therapy such as EMDR, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help you gain insight into your own patterns so that you can create changes in your life that are aligned with your goals and values. Our mental health treatment will help gain:

Supportive housing

Changing behavior is vital to successful recovery, but building healthy habits takes time and support. One of the most important aspects of healing is knowing that you are not alone; at Park Mental Health Treatment of San Diego, we are with you every step of the way. Our supportive housing ensures that you are experiencing the necessary connections and guidance during your wellness journey. Your stay includes:

We administer not only the best clinical mental health available, but believe in the power of lifelong connections.  This inspires accountability, determination, and mental prosperity.


Getting started has never been so simple.

Together we will help you feel like yourself again. By following the below three steps, we can get you on the road to recovery. We are looking forwards to meeting you and working on understanding how we can effectively benefit your life.

Insurance Verification

Every diagnosis is different. That is why we provide a personal consultation with our clinical team to carefully build a treatment plan tailored to you.

Personal Consultation

Every diagnosis is different. That is why we provide a personal consultation with our clinical team to carefully build a treatment plan tailored to you.


Our experienced admissions team will assist you in making sure your transition to our facility is a quick, simple and easy process.

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Take the first step toward feeling like you again.

Mental health disorders and addiction can take their toll on your mental, physical and emotional health. If left untreated, it can leave you feeling helpless, as if you have fallen into a black hole in which there is no return. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The medical professionals here at Park San Diego have decades of research and evidenced-based treatments to specifically create each and every one person a treatment plan to fit your needs.


Admitting to yourself that you need help and actively going out of your way to get yourself help is the hardest part of your journey. Once you have contacted a member of our team, you will never again be alone in your journey to recovery. Alongside your loved ones, you will have either a therapist or a psychiatrist by your side every step of the way. Besides emotionally supporting you when you find the treatment challenging, they will continually assess your progress to ensure your treatment does not need altering to ensure that you are receiving the most effective treatment.


Join the thousands of Park former members that have come to us in the past to overcome their mental health disorder or addiction and begin living life to the fullest again.

Our highly skilled treatment specialists at Park San Diego possess a wealth of clinical expertise in treating a variety of mental health disorders; this can include but is not limited to:


Read through our previous patient’s reviews of their treatment plans and experience at Park Mental Health Treatment San Diego to empower you to make the change.

My son was suffering from severe depression and was seeking professional medical help. Park Mental Health have been amazing from the offset. The level of care and support has been amazing and we have seen massive strides in his mental health and coping mechanisms. We cannot thank you enough and would recommend to anyone in the San Diego area suffering from mental health.
-Charlotte Webb
Last month was the worst my mental state has been in for many many years. As I was new to the area, I wasn't sure on where to go or who to turn to. I found Park Mental Health online and I can honestly say you've saved my life. A huge thank you to everyone on the team. Great service.
-David Stoneham
I was diagnosed with bipolar around 10 years ago and since then have seen various mental health practices and professionals up and down the state promising to help get my life back on track. After the first session, it was evident the treatment of care at Park is one of a kind. They have worked alongside me to improve my quality of life and taught me valuable life skills so regain some normality in my life once again. Thank you so much.
-Steve Watts

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